Are Domestic Violence Petitions Ever Used as Leverage in a West Virginia Divorce?

Sometimes in a West Virginia divorce, domestic violence petitions are used as leverage in a divorce proceeding. When somebody files a domestic violence petition, the court date has to be set within 10 days after the initial order is set. Basically they would have 10 days or less to get ready for the hearing. Sometimes one spouse will use the domestic violence petition an upper hand in a divorce proceeding. They will actually file them for the purpose of trying to get some leverage in the divorce proceeding.

Now, when a domestic violence petition has been filed oftentimes the spouse who filed will be awarded custody if awarded. Plus, the same person is going to get likely some child support awarded on a temporary basis. It’s important that one thinks about hiring an attorney if possible. Oftentimes an attorney may be wise because there is a lot at stake when it comes to these domestic violence petitions.

Some temporary alimony can be set when it comes to these domestic violence petitions as well. The other thing that the court can do in the event that a domestic violence petition is awarded is they can grant the house to the person who filed the petition. They can grant automobiles to the person as well. However, the most important thing the courts will do is make sure the other person is ordered to stay away. Now, when that happens and children are involved oftentimes visitation between the child and the responding parent is going to be supervised. There’s really a lot at stake when it comes to these domestic violence petitions and they are very serious so it is wise to have an attorney if possible.Pritt CTA (1).png