Why Hire an Attorney for Family Matters

There are many family matters that become to difficult to handle amongst spouses. Over time, people may grow apart and find they are no longer compatible. If this were to happen and the parties have Disputes over Children and other things that have become apart of their household, they need to Hire an Attorney for Family Matters. Why should they hire a Divorce attorney?

Get a Fair Hearing and Equal Split of Assets
Many people decide to get a lawyer involved so they know things will end up fairly in a divorce hearing. Some couples can decide on the division of assets amongst themselves and there is no argument over anything. This is considered an uncontested divorce and will be less expensive than a divorce where the attorneys have to fight over items in court. This does not just go for tangible items but also finances such as 401K, CD’s, Roth IRA’s, and even debt.

Child Custody and Visitation
If there are children involved, an attorney can advise on custody and visitation. They will offer suggestions to be followed by their client but ultimately they may have to prove in court their client is fit to have custody. Some divorce cases with children involved get very ugly. Private investigators may even be called upon to help with evidence against their spouse.

Child Support
Child support is something that will have to be handled by an attorney. This is based on the income of both parents. The child support that is determined will be owed by the person who does not have custody. During the child support hearing, other financial responsibilities are put in the decree as well such as schooling and extracurricular expenses.

Almony is when one spouse will pay for the maintenance and support of the other spouse after the divorce. This generally happens if one spouse does not work or if the other spouse makes significantly more income than them. This is not the same as child support.

Divorce and child support works differently in each state. Some states have laws that do not let people be officially divorced until a grace period has passed. A family law and divorce attorney can answer any additional questions regarding the state you live in and their laws.