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Pritt & Pritt will remain open and available to our clients. We are accepting new cases and are happy to provide consultations over the phone at this time for your health and safety. Please call us at (304) 720-4412, or contact us through our website. Stay safe, everyone! 


At Pritt & Pritt, we provide quality legal services in a wide variety of practice areas. These include:


Child Custody

Child Support


Wills & Trusts


Medical Powers of Attorney

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Estate Disputes

Newly married couple leaving the church.

Prenuptial Agreements

Durable Powers of Attorney

Property Deeds


Life can be hard. Unexpected things happen. Just when you think everything is on track, life throws you a curveball. Sometimes this means that you have to go to court. It might be the first time you’ve ever had to talk to a lawyer.  

The lawyers at Pritt & Pritt, PLLC, Chris Pritt and Kelly Pritt, understand where you’re coming from. They understand contacting a lawyer is the last thing you wanted to do. However, as you may have figured out, sometimes hiring a lawyer is necessary. Whatever your legal problem, Pritt & Pritt, PLLC is there to help.

Confidential Legal Consultation

“Chris and I have worked together in the law practice for many years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our firm is that in Charleston and throughout WV our clients know us and can trust us in all legal matters in which we practice.”

Kelly Pritt

“Helped tremendously with my case! Did not have to end up paying alimony to my ex wife as well as she waived her rights to my retirement! Thanks Chris!”


If you’re in need of representation, Pritt & Pritt law is offering free consultations in many instances