Are Court Documents Without A Handwritten Signature Now Valid In A West Virginia Divorce?

There are a number of counties across West Virginia that have now implemented the e-file system. What that means is everything done in the case, assuming it’s involved with an attorney is going to be done through this system. The attorney will file everything electronically. Everything will be done electronically on the case. For example, once something is submitted electronically and sent to the courts, they will have the signatures and documents needed without anyone seeing each other.

Certain counties are not yet implementing the e-file system, but a lot of the surrounding counties are working towards starting. Now, one of the things that becomes a little bit of an issue sometimes is that people will see a court order and they don’t see an actual signature on the court order. What they’ll see is it has actually been typed out where the signature line is, as though the judge signed it. It is in fact, a valid, legal document, even though it doesn’t have a handwritten signature on it.

About one third of all of the districts across the state have implemented e-file and eventually all of the counties are going to have to e-file. People who are representing themselves will still be able to go up to the courthouse and fill out the forms and submit it that way, but otherwise everything is done electronically.

When one does an e-file, the filing fee is done online. Everything is done online. However, for example, if the rules of civil procedure are still going to apply. The person would need to be served in person or by other means that are available for the initial filing. This is just a broad overview of the file system in West Virginia that is being implemented. If one sees a document that does not have an actual handwritten signature on it, they don’t necessarily want to automatically assume that the document is invalid. In fact, it could be a valid document now that e-filing is being implemented in counties across West Virginia.unnamed (3).png