Exchanging Children After A West Virginia Divorce

Today, we’re going to be talking about the exchanging of children after a West Virginia divorce. One of the things that’s usually in any kind of court order at all is where the people are going to meet to exchange the children. I can tell you that there is no law that specifically states that people must meet at one person’s house or another.

What will happen is in the event that the two of you don’t come to any kind of agreement, the court is then most likely going to order a particular place where the children or child are going to be exchanged. One common way to do it is that the people will exchange the children at a halfway point.

The court could also elect to have it in the order that whoever is getting the child picks the child or children up from the other person’s house. Let’s say that dad gets the children on Thursdays and brings him back on Saturdays or Sundays. What would happen under that scenario is dad would get them, pick them up from mom on Thursday for his time and then on the Saturday or Sunday, mom would come and get the children and pick them up. That’s how it’s oftentimes done. That’s one way to do it. It could be the reverse of that as well.

Now, it’s less common that a person does all the driving time. The scenario where you go and actually pick up the children from the other person’s house for your time, that’s a little bit more common when people are close together. The less likely situation for that to happen is when the two parents live a considerable distance apart.

Let’s say that one parent lives in North Carolina and the other parent lives in West Virginia. In this case, the court will often times order that there’s a halfway point of where people meet to exchange the kids. What the court will do is if there’s not an agreement, the court will figure out it’s own location for people to exchange the children. I get a common question when it comes to the transportation costs and how the courts handle that. I can tell you that generally speaking, most courts will say that the people are responsible for their own transportation costs. This gives you an overview of the exchanging of children after a West Virginia divorce.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg