How Do I Communicate Regarding Children After A West Virginia Divorce?

A common question among parents who are divorced in West Virginia is how do I communicate with my ex in regards to the children after the divorce? For the most part, the main thing you’re going to be talking about with your former spouse regarding children is typically what happens with communication. This is specified in the order and states how communication is supposed to happen. It will be specified specifically that you are to communicate over the phone or by text or by email or by some other method. It really depends on how the case goes as to what kind of communication is going to be appropriate. If the two of you have been very amicable and no issues at all with regards to the children, then typically it’s going to be perfectly acceptable to communicate by fun.

It’s very common nowadays for people to just communicate by text. One of the advantages of text is that you can document everything. Documentation is one of the reasons why sometimes people communicate through email as well. Those are the major ways that people will communicate regarding the children. Now in highly contentious situations, what you’ll see is that the court will order people to communicate through a third party app. One of the more common is called our family wizard and more recently the courts in West Virginia had been going with one called app What those apps do is have a way for everything to be documented so that people are going to be on their best behavior. The courts will have access to this information and once you communicate through that means, it’s all going to be documented.

If you are to the point where you don’t think you can say appropriate things to the other person, it probably isn’t a good idea to actually go with one of these apps that documents conversations. The positive thing about using apps like these is everybody is on notice that they know what they say is going to be in a written form where it’s going to be completely able to be documented and delivered to the judge. Now, some of the times these third party apps have a cost. A good tip if you want anything to be saved for a long time is to upload it and keep it yourself just in case the apps have a length of time something can be saved. Generally, how you communicate with your children after the divorce is going to be included in the order and how you’re supposed to communicate with your former spouse regarding the children as well.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg