How Do You Get The Judge To See Documents When Hearings Are By Phone In A West Virginia Divorce?

How do you get the judge to see documents when hearings are by phone in a West Virginia divorce? That is a common question with the Coronavirus all around us. A lot of hearings are taking place over the phone or by Skype. The common practice of what’s happening is that the attorney offices are faxing or emailing the documents that are going to be submitted to the court and opposing counsel.

For example, let’s say that one has a number of exhibits that they want to introduce for a telephonic hearing or one that is happening over the phone or by Skype. What will happen is they will send the documents to the opposing attorney or the opposing party. They will send it to the judge. Then what happens as one is introducing the documents and testifying or as the attorney is asking questions, they’re bringing up the various documents that have already been sent to the judge and to the other attorney. Then, at the end of the court hearing, those documents are moved into evidence.

Now, one thing that if at all possible when actually filing something with the court, any kind of documents that they think are important to the case and relevant to either the petition or the motion, it could be wise to just attach to the back of documents sending. For example, they might reference an exhibit and then what’ll happen is that exhibit will be included with the document that has been filed. This makes it easier for the judge. It makes it easier for the opposing counsel and it just makes the whole process go a lot smoother for everyone involved.Pritt CTA (1).png