How To Find Information For Your West Virginia Divorce

Today, we are diving into the subject of what information you should find and how you go about rounding up documents and getting the right information together that you’re going to need for your divorce. You should start with any kind of bank statements that you have to start. Plus, try to gather pay stubs from your soon to be former spouse or soon to be ex. Let’s say for example you have a joint bank account. All you need to do is just print your bank statement out and look at that statement to see where the money is going. If you see where the money is being transferred out, take note of that. That means there could be another bank account somewhere that you were unaware of.

Take a look at the statements to see if where the money is being spent or if shows any large cash withdrawals. Perhaps there are large cash withdrawals that are going to be used to deposit money into another bank account. The other thing that you need to do is try to figure out how to get pay stubs from your soon to be ex. The reason you want to do that is because sometimes you’ll see something on there and it’s labeled for example allotment. This means that that money could be being redirected to some other place.

Now, what you can do is you can look at those things and you can go to your bank and try to find out any kind of bank accounts that have either you or your soon to be ex’s name on it. Sometimes the banks won’t allow you to look at anything that just has solely another person’s name on the bank account. However, you can at least ask them to see if there’s anything out there you were unaware of. Start with the pay stubs and the bank account statements. The other thing that you could do is start questioning your spouse about where the money is going if you see that happening. You can ask them basic questions and maybe they’ll have some sort of explanation.

You can ask them nicely where that money went? Those are some things that you can do. If you see on the pay stub that money is being sent somewhere else, you can question them about that as well. It’s important that you do that as soon as possible. Now, worst case scenario, if you can’t gather the information and you hire an attorney, your attorney is going to have the ability to go and seek out the information we’ve talked about today and before. They would do this during what is called the discovery process. Your attorney will have the power where they can actually go out and get the documents needed. Just remember, start with gathering the bank account statements that you can get access to and start with pay stubs to see if the money was coming home or being sent somewhere you weren’t aware of.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg