Journaling To Help With a West Virginia Divorce, Tips and Pitfalls

Today, we are going to be talking to you about the importance of journaling and recordkeeping during your West Virginia divorce. One of the questions I get some times is whether it’s a good idea to keep a journal. For example, writing about the divorce and things that are going on with the divorce. The answer to that is generally yes. It is a good idea to be keeping an accurate record and just taking notes and journaling. Keep in mind that it is possible that the other person could get access to that as well. The whole purpose of this is to help you in court. For example, let’s say keeping track of times of exchanges. Like when you’re picking up the kids. Let’s say that you and the other person have separated and you want to document when you’re getting the kids and so forth.

Here’s the thing you have to understand. Whenever you’re keeping these records, it’s possible that the other side can get access to it. You always have to factor that in. If it’s things that aren’t going to be, for example, controversial in court and you’re using it just for the purpose of helping you out in court, that’s in my opinion for the most part is going to be very helpful. The rule in court is that if you’re using that to say refresh your recollection, the other side gets to take a look at whatever you are referring to. They can use it to cross examine you as well.

All of this is only going to apply if you’re actually the other person has an attorney and they’re actually going to be using it in court. If the other person is pursuing you and representing themselves, there’s a very likely chance that they’re not going to actually think of actually taking a look at what you’re looking at. You just have to be careful and know that if you’re keeping a record that you’re going to be referring to in court, the other side is usually going to have the chance to look at it.

Whether it’s text messages or journaling or anything like that, the other party has a right to see what you wrote if you present it in court. I have seen a lot of times where people keep notes in their phone and that’s perfectly fine as well. Just know that if you are using your phone as a journal and presenting it in court, you are going to have to provide access to your phone for the other person if they so make that request. This sums up journaling with your West Virginia divorce.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg