Opening a Separate Account in a West Virginia Divorce

Today, we’re going to be talking about separate bank accounts and whether you should actually go and attempt to get your own separate bank account. It’s a common question that people have. They ask if they should open up their own separate bank account? Now, when it comes to the marital bank account, whether you should withdraw funds out of that is highly based on the circumstances. Remember that it’s okay to open up a separate bank account, but you should not be doing to hide money.

It’s completely fine to actually open up the separate bank account. If the purpose is to preserve an asset then can be a very good reason. Sometimes people are worried that the other person is going to withdraw all the money out of a bank account and they’re never going to be heard from again. Now sometimes what you can do is start separating things out for your own expenses. Let’s say that you’re working and the other person is working. You can set up your own separate bank account and you can start taking advantage of making those payments yourself.

The court’s not going to look down on you having a separate account at all if it is used to pay separate expenses. You can do a calculation to make sure that you get credit for any kind of expenses that are going to be paid out of that account also. Just remember, you can open up another account, but make sure that you’re not doing it for the purposes of hiding money because there’s a very good chance that you’re going to get caught.