Should You File A Joint Tax Return When Divorcing In West Virginia?

When you’re going through a divorce and you’re in the middle of a divorce, it’s usually more optimal for you to actually file a joint tax return. There are all sorts of benefits in the laws set-up for people who file and who are married. The tax rates are actually different. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that in all situations you’re going to be better off. Limited situations do occur where it’s much more advantageous for you to file separate as opposed to jointly.

The best option is to go to someone experienced with taxes such as a CPA or the person who typically prepares taxes. This way the accountant or CPA can run the numbers to see whether it’s going to be more advantageous to file jointly as opposed to separately. Now, what the courts will typically do in the event that people do file jointly and have money coming back, usually they just take that money and split it in half. If bills are owed or other situations, then there could be an offset.

For example, if somebody is a little bit behind in child support that’s going to have to be paid, so this may cause an offset of what each ex is getting. A tax professional will decide for you if it will be most advantageous to file jointly or not. It’s important that ex’s are communicating openly as much as possible so can be on the same page. This allows the filing of taxes to become more smooth and the divorce process most likely becomes a lot easier as well.

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