Simple Divorces in West Virginia

Now, a common question among people trying to get divorced in West Virginia is if they can get a simple divorce? The problem with that sometimes is that different people have different ideas as to what a simple divorce is. The best definition I can give you as to what a simple divorce is comes down to when two people want to get a divorce and they agree on everything. If there’s any kind of disagreement about anything, it really complicates the case and it makes a world of difference. There’s a huge difference between agreeing on everything and disagreeing on a few small things because oftentimes what happens is that the little things that you disagree on end up blowing the case up.

Everybody’s emotions run high in a divorce and everything ends up being a lot more complicated than it should be oftentimes. If you actually have an agreement, meaning you agree on everything and looks like something that the court would likely accept because it has to be accepted by the court, then one will want to put it to paper and have both people getting divorced sign off on it.

In the event that one does have an agreement like that, one can actually get an expedited hearing if working with an attorney. Representing yourselves and trying to get an expedited quick hearing could be a different issue. If one is going to have a property settlement agreement that is signed by both parties, the process can usually be pretty quick. It’s usually going to be fairly simple. Some people dealing with a simple divorce have been in front of judges within a few weeks or sometimes sooner than that, if there’s an agreement and the people want to both get divorced without disagreements. If both parties in the divorce don’t agree on every last thing, it may not be a simple divorce.unnamed (3).png