West Virginia Divorce and Social Media

Today we’re going to be talking about social media and your divorce. One of the major issues in divorce cases nowadays is the use of social media. I can tell you that I use it frequently and you may as well. Unfortunately, with social media, I end up either defending against my client who’s posted something that they shouldn’t have posted or I’m going after the other person who’s posted something that they shouldn’t have posted. Every time you post something, it’s out there for the world to see. I can tell you that in just about every instance it’s going to have some sort of impact on your divorce case. My number one piece of advice to give you about safe social media use is to stay off of it from before you file anything all the way until after the divorce is finalized.  You shouldn’t be talking about anything at all anyways on social media that is personal in nature.

Is It Alright To Post Something If I Blocked My Ex?

There’s a very good chance that somebody out there has the potential to be taking some kind of screenshot of what you posted. It’s something that comes up a lot. Clients will say to me that they unfriended all of these people that are associated with spouse or former spouse.  However, the problem is situations where you don’t account for every single person out there. I’ve also seen an issue sometimes where the passwords are floating around out there. You might have unfriended or blocked other people out there, but at the same time, there could be someone who still has access to your account. My next piece of advice to you is to make sure that you post nothing controversial at all. Anytime you go to post something, you need to ask yourself one fundamental question, could this come back and bite me in some way? Not whether it probably would, but just think, is this in any way controversial?

What About If I Post Something That Has Nothing To Do With Ex?

I’m talking about things even as petty as, for example, political posts. You might not think that that has any impact on your case, but do you know the politics of the judge who’s going to be hearing the case? Do you know the politics of other people who might be potential witnesses or who might be going onto your social media account? Stay away from anything at all that’s controversial. Those are some basic tips when it comes to social media. You have to be very careful when you’re posting anything. Like we spoke about, your best bet is to just completely stay off shortly before you filed for divorce throughout the entire action. Some people use social media as therapy. I’ve seen that and I get that, but it’s one of those situations where you need to make sure that you are protecting your best financial interests and the interests of your kids. If kids are involved, then make sure posts are things that are going to be positive. What you can also do too is if you feel like you need to talk to somebody and if you’re the type of person that’s using social media as therapy, just get a therapist. That’s the best advice I can give you. That pretty much wraps up some basic advice when it comes to social media and your West Virginia divorce.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg