What Are The Fees Involved In A West Virginia Divorce?

When people are getting divorced in West Virginia, they sometimes wonder about the different fees that are involved in a divorce case. The fees after the divorce process is usually the main concern of most people divorcing. Now, one thing that people generally are going to have to pay unless they are able to sign a fee waiver, which is not the case most of the time, is they’re going to have to pay the filing fee. Now in a West Virginia divorce, the filing fee is $135 okay. That’s something that is going to have to be paid. The other thing that is going to have to be paid is for serving the other person and there are several ways that they can be served. One way to serve them is by certified mail.

Another way a person can be served is by the sheriff or can be served by a private process server. The price for serving papers by the sheriff is going to be $25. The price for serving by certified mail is going to be $20. The cost for serving by a private process server is really going to vary from place to place. Now, for example, it’s whatever the process server actually wants to charge. That’s how much one is actually going to have to pay the private process server. Typically, what one has to do is if they are having trouble locating somebody, then they’re going to have to get a private process server to find them. It’s usually a private investigator, somebody who does investigative work. They can track the person down and serve them. This may be a good option as well since this way one won’t be at the mercy of the Sheriff’s department because sometimes it takes a while for them to serve someone.

You’re usually looking at anywhere from $75 to $150 plus the mileage for a private process server. Now, the other thing that is going to have to be paid potentially is if one has to subpoena a witness to court. If served by the sheriff, of course it’s going to be $25. If you serve them by, for example, a private process server, it’s going to be more expensive. Those are some different fees that one is going to have to pay if they were involved in a deposition where they actually want to hear what the other person has to say before court. One can hire a court reporter and with permission of the court, can actually get a deposition done.

This is an expensive way to go. Sometimes for a typical deposition that’s anywhere between six to eight hundred bucks. Sometimes it’s even more to get that done because you’re actually paying a court reporter to come into the lawyer’s office and one has to pay for that. Now, other actions that are in family court that the fees are a bit different, but these are just the fees that might be involved in a divorce case.unnamed (3).png