What Documents Need to Be Done After You’re Divorced in West Virginia?

Hello everyone. It’s Chris, Pritt back again with a new topic in West Virginia divorce. Today, we’re going to be talking about various kinds of documents that need to be filed after the divorce petition has been signed.

Just because you have a final divorce order in your hand does not necessarily mean that there are other things that don’t need to be addressed. For example, let’s start with a situation where there’s what we call a bifurcated divorce order. If there’s a bifurcated divorce order, there’s a whole lot that needs to happen after the divorce has been finalized. This is because a bifurcated divorce is when the court will allow people to get divorced, but at the same time, other issues are going to be reserved to be addressed in the future. So an example of that would be property division or spousal support, or even parenting. All of those can sometimes be addressed after a bifurcated divorce order. What typically happens is people are divorced and everything is finalized. All the issues are finalized all at once and you do not have a bifurcated divorce order. However, if people really, really want to get divorced and they still have a lot of issues outstanding, the court will sometimes save that for later on.

In your typical divorce, there are usually a lot of things that need to be done after the divorce has been finalized. Even if there’s not a bifurcated divorce order. For example, there might need to be drafted what we call qualified domestic relations orders. These are specialized court orders that divide a retirement. Also if one person or the other got a certain piece of property, there would have to be a new deed drawn up. So, that will be something else that has to be done after the divorce has been finalized. There could also be documents to take each other off of each other’s wills or power of attorney. Something else that you often have to do after a divorce has been finalized and you received your final order is that you need to have new titles done for the vehicles. That’s a little bit simpler than some of the other things, but it’s still something that needs to be done after the divorce.

So I just wanted to go over all of those with you and talk to you about some things that need to be done after the divorce. Remember just because you have your divorce order in hand doesn’t mean that there are not still things that have to be done to get everything sorted out. I will say though typically those things are fairly routine. They’re not really hard to do, but it does take a little bit of time.

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