What Happens When You Can’t Decide On How To Divide Personal Property In A West Virginia Divorce?

A question that comes up in a West Virginia divorce is if a judge can force you to sell your personal property? This is usually a question that happens if the soon to be ex’s don’t agree with the disposition of their property. For example, if talking about jewelry, gold, guns and other things like that. If two parties can’t come to an agreement in a divorce, then one of the things that sometimes happens is the court will order things to be sold. The judge can order it to literally be sold on the courthouse steps. That’s one thing that can happen.

The other thing that could happen is that the judge asks parties to bid on the property. In that case, if you wanted possession of something, you’ll have to literally bid on that particular piece of property or possession. Just like a bidding process. It’s usually in one’s best interest not to be fighting over things like personal property. Sometimes things can be very valuable, but at the same time it’s better to come to some sort of agreement as to what the value of those things are and just so that you can avoid that issue.

Some rare instances may call for a personal property appraiser to be brought in to value property in some way.  Something during the divorce process is to be thinking about disposing of personal property. It’s a huge issue in divorce most of the time. In the case that soon to be ex spouses can’t come to an agreement, then the possibility that the judge could just order personal property that is marital to be sold does exist.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg