What Needs To Be Done Post Divorce In West Virginia

Today we’re going to be talking about some things that need to be done post divorce in West Virginia. Let’s say that you have your final divorce order in hand and you think that everything is complete and nothing else needs to be done. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. There are usually some things that still need to need to be done with the divorce after everything has been finalized. One thing that needs to be done in the event that you have changed your last name or you’ve gone back to your maiden name, you’re going to need to take the final divorce order and you’re going to need to go to the social security administration to make sure that they have everything updated.

What you do is go down to social security, you show them your divorce order and then there might be some forms that you need to complete. That’s something that you need to do. Something else that you need to do is you need to make sure that there is a transfer of deeds in the event there has been a property transfer of some sort, let’s say the house or some land. Now our office will handle the transfer of deeds in the context of a divorce. However, I know there are some law firms that do divorces and they don’t handle deeds at all. You’ll need to figure that out as well. You’ll still need to make sure everything is handled correctly. Just because the order says you’re awarded a piece of property does not mean that there are not other steps that need to be taken.

You need to get the property transferred from your ex’s name into your name. The other thing that needs to happen is that the two of you need to cooperate to transfer any kind of motor vehicles that have been taken care of in the divorce. For example, in the divorce you were awarded the Chevy Malibu and the other person was awarded the truck. Well, you need to go and to get that taken care of. You need to sign into titles over to the other person if that’s what the order of the court was or whether it was contested or whether it was. If it was an agreement that was incorporated into a final order, then you’ll need to get that taken care of. The other thing we’ve talked about before, you usually need what’s known as a qualified domestic relations order to transfer a portion of a pension from one person’s name to the other if a pension is involved.

In the case of a pension, you would talk to the administrator for the account and ask them, do I need to do anything else other than complete some forms to transfer the property from their name to mine to get my share of the other person’s retirement? Those are just a few of the things that you need to get taken care of after the final divorce order has been signed. If you’re going to take one point for this blog, it needs to be that sometimes more has to be done.Pritt+Feb+CTA+%281%29.jpg