What Should You Ask For In Your West Virginia Divorce?

A cardinal rule in the law for the most part, is that unless one actually asks for something, they’re not going to get it unless the other person doesn’t call them out on it. Generally speaking, one has to ask for something to get it. For example, let’s say someone has gone through the whole divorce process and the other person asks for something and it’s not in their filings.

If the other person calls them out on it, the court could still hear it, but they’re not generally going to be able to get it unless there’s a very good reason because they didn’t ask for it originally. It’s one of those basic rules and the law. This is often times when people read a divorce filing, it seems to be kind of aggressive. The reason is because they are supposed to list everything that they want.

They’re supposed to list what they want and what remedies they’re seeking from the court. The worst thing to do is forget to ask for what need because may not get it in court. Some important things one may want to ask for alimony, certain property distribution, child custody, child support and more. There are other moderate things that one might want to ask for.

In any event that someone even hired an attorney, they could list that. Overall,  the best option is to list all that one wants from the beginning so doesn’t regret it later if not awarded in court.

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