When Is It a Bad Idea to Discuss Things In Person with Your Spouse Prior to Divorce in WV?

Hello everyone. It’s Chris, Pritt back again with a new topic in West Virginia divorce. Today we’re going to be talking about instances where you should not necessarily be discussing things in person with your soon to be former spouse.

One situation where I don’t think this is advisable is if the police at any point in time in the past have been called regarding anything between you and your soon to be former spouse. So let’s say there was a heated argument of some sort and the neighbors called the police, or let’s say that one of you called the police on the other. That would be a situation where if you are going through a divorce I do not think it’s a good idea to discuss things in person. The reason for that is because if you get to that point where things escalate and you’re going through a divorce, in many instances, it makes the process a lot harder. If there has been ever any domestic violence involved between you and your spouse, then there’s a very good chance that could happen again. So what I would do is if the other person tries to bring up anything about the divorce and you’re in person just go ahead and leave and discuss it over the phone. I’m talking about a situation where two people are still living together, and that in many instances is the case. The people have not moved out so they’re still living together and so forth. So, if you are going to continue to live together then just have it as a rule that you leave the residence and the two of you are going to do things over the phone in terms of discussing how the divorce should proceed.

Now, whether you should even be discussing anything regarding the divorce is a completely separate matter. I understand though that in many instances, people need to discuss things. They need to be talking about who’s going to cover what bills, what you’re going to be doing with the children, how you’re going to divide up finances, and so forth. I understand that sometimes things just have to be discussed before retaining an attorney or filing if you’re not going to be using an attorney. It just makes things a lot less contentious and things are a lot less likely to go bad if you’re having discussions over the phone rather than in person. So the reason for that is there could be a legitimate domestic violence situation that arrives that otherwise could have been avoided. There could also be, false allegations of domestic violence that arise that could have been avoided. So, there are very good reasons why you do not want to discuss things face to face.

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