Why We’re Different

Chris Pritt, a West Virginia Divorce Lawyer Explains What Makes Pritt & Pritt Stand Out from the Rest

What is one quality that you try to present every single day?

There are several divorce and child custody attorneys in Charleston, West Virginia and throughout the state, but the one thing that we always focus on at our firm is honesty.

I don’t try to sugarcoat anything with my clients. 

Sometimes, clients get uncomfortable whenever I’m talking about certain things with them about what’s going to happen with the court process and that’s natural, but it’s very, very important that we are upfront and forward with our clients about what they can expect. I often have clients come in and I tell them what I think is probably going to happen and they’re thrilled. Other times they’re devastated or it’s somewhere in the middle.

I think that’s what you want in a law firm and what you want in an attorney. You want your attorney to tell you the truth, even if it’s difficult to hear, what the risks are, what the things are that you need to be doing throughout the divorce process. I think that’s incredibly important.

What is your process of handling a case?

If at all possible, we try to come up with practical solutions. That involves an initial intake process where I’m asking a series of questions about the background of the case, who had the kids and when, who did what caretaking functions; those are all of the things that we’re going to be factoring into a client’s case. Sometimes people come to us at the beginning of the process, while others come to us right in the middle of the divorce process; they’ve had, for example, one hearing. Certainly, it’s a lot easier to come to us at the beginning of the process so we can make sure that everything is established in the right way, but we’re here to help clients with their cases no matter the stage that it may be in.

That’s the main thing that we do; we do an initial intake, we talk to the person about what they could be facing going into the future and try to come up with a practical solution and if we can’t, that’s when a judge comes in.

The judge is there to decide. 

How do you help your clients?

One of the things that we love to do is advocate for clients. We like to advocate for them in court and when we’re speaking with the opposing counsel. I think that’s what you need to be looking for in an attorney.

Your focus should be on number one, whether there’s a divorce agreement, and number two, if there’s not going to be an agreement, having aggressive representation to achieve the best possible results. We are different because we are zealous advocates for our clients. You want somebody who’s going to advocate for you and you want somebody who’s going to be a truth-teller to you and a truth-teller to the court.

In large respects, we take all the information that we’re provided by our clients and present it to a judge. In large part, we’re storytellers, in a sense, that we are conveying to the court your side of the story and we’re not going to make anything up. We’re not going to do that at all because that is an inappropriate thing to do.

What we are going to be doing though is telling your side of the story to get out what’s important to you in the event that there cannot be any kind of agreement reached.

What sets you apart from other West Virginia divorce attorneys?

What sets us apart is our integrity, our willingness to fight, and our willingness to be truthful to our clients about what to expect. West Virginia has the best people in America and I’ve heard other people say that as well. We have our problems, we have our issues, but the people who are here, are here for a reason; they’re here because they’re fighters. They’re Mountaineers. We have a spirit that’s unmatched amongst anybody in the entire country and that’s the great thing about West Virginia. We’re here by choice and we’re here because we believe in our state and we believe in our country. Those are some great qualities that I think that anybody who’s ever met a West Virginian is going to pick up on and appreciate.

We’re a solution-focused family law firm ready to help you and your family. If you’re in need of legal representation, please consider contacting us to set up a free consultation with us – we’d love to meet you.