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Paternity Actions In West Virginia

If the mother refuses to admit that you are the father, upon meeting the requirements of WV Law, you can evidence this through DNA testing. If you are capable of establishing paternity of a child, this can help you secure certain visitation and child support rights. This often works in the best interest of the mother as well, as you may need to pay child support to care for the child.



Proving that you are the father can help you:

  • Petition for visitation rights

  • Request custody arrangement modifications

  • Contest the adoption of the child by another family

  • Allow you to include the child in your will or give the child automatic inheritance rights

  • Provide child support



Paternity actions can be complicated, and they are a legal, court-mandated process. This means that it can be extremely helpful to have an attorney to guide you through the process. You may need to petition for visitation or custody in court, and a skilled family lawyer will be able to assist you with these arguments.

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